Monday, April 23, 2012

History of Artificial and Fashion Jewelry

Business of jewellery is an emerging business in India these days. As everybody knows that India was known as Bird of gold, so India is the origin of gold jewellery. Apart from that the trend is moving towards Artificial Jewellery. In today's world the teens are more interested in fashion jewellery.
Business of jewellery is an emerging business in India these days. As everybody knows that India was known as Bird of gold, so India is the origin of gold jewellery. Apart from that the trend is moving towards Artificial Jewellery. In today's world the teens are more interested in fashion jewellery
We will found out here about the History of Jewelry in different eras.
First if we talk about the early history, the people of Africa generated the first sign of jewelry. Around 7,000 years ago first sign of copper jewelry was seen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clothes And Fashion - What Looks Good Today?

Remember back in the fifties our moms would wear a dress and heels to clean the house? Of course, thankfully women don't do that anymore, but the clothes today are a fashion statement to some, to others it's just clothes on their backs.

Men and women wear suits to work that just look uncomfortable, but they must be worn, I bet when they get home off they come and on goes the jeans and tee-shirts. Depending on where you live, you will dress for the climate. You certainly do not want to wear a cable knitted sweater living in Texas in the summer. In the south women would wear comfortable cotton dresses and still do today, which makes so much sense seeing their weather is awful. Cotton breathes therefore it is cool on the body.

Where the teens and teenagers of today get their fashion sense I will never know. Usually though they wear the jeans and either a tee shirt or a sweat shirt that has some silly sayings on them. I suppose their line of thinking is that what they wear will allow them to be accepted among their peers. Okay I am dating myself but the kids always looked nice and clean.

The way I approach clothes and fashion is that if I am comfortable, my clothes are pressed and clean, I am doing alright. No more three inch high heels to work, no more girdles underneath or even panty hose, what a pain those all were. I don't really care for the running suits; since I don't run why wear them? With today's styles, materials and designs you can look like a million dollars and still be comfortable. So dress the way you want to but please dress nicely too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Sense of Today's Teens

It has been said that today's adolescents have it easy. Today's teenager is said to love luxury, have bad manners, have no respect for elders, don't take school seriously and have contempt for authority. "Times have changed," it has been said, and today's teenagers have changed to reflect the changing times.

Before we take a look at today's teenagers, let's look at the influences acting on the adolescent stage perhaps since the beginning of the human race. These influences were present on our grandparents and parents when they were teenagers. Times have not changed the following observation:

1. Adolescence seems to a time of seeking status as an individual, an attempt to emancipate the youth from childish submission to parental authority. 2. Adolescence tends to be a time when group relationships become of major importance. The adolescent is very anxious to attain status with and recognition by his age mates. He tends to desire intensely, to conform to the actions and standards of his peer group. 3. Adolescence is a time of rapid physical development and growth. Teenagers must adjust to changes in body image, primary and secondary sexual development, coordination, increases and decreases in appetite, quick shifts in need for rest and physical activity. Much physical and psychic energy is spent trying to cope with school, with peers, and with parents. School is viewed as a very artificial environment for the teenager. Of course, they must also accept pubertal changes and adjust to psycho-sexual needs within the framework of societal expectations.

4. Adolescence seems to a time for complex intellectual and cognitive development. believe it or not, teenagers are capable of mental functions equal to most adults, and better than some adults. Unfortunately, they often reject the experience offered by adults. Within the development of thought and thinking, many adolescents lack immediate motivation for academics, studying and performing "up to their capacity in school."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yummy Old Fashion Candy As Good Today As Ever! Try My Divinity Recipe From My Teen Years!

I just don't think there is anything better than old fashion homemade candy. One of the things I remember so well about my dad is how he enjoyed getting us in the kitchen on cold winter evenings and making candy. My sister and I always loved the confections we came up with, even if we had to eat them with a spoon! Both my parents allowed me to experiment in the kitchen and never complained if I made a mess, either physically or with the item I was making. Those experiences served me well over the years and continue to provide me with wonderful memories even though both my parents have been gone for years.

Once I spent the night with a new girl who had moved to our area from out-of-state. It didn't take us long to realize we both enjoyed the kitchen. We bonded that night over concocting a batch of divinity in her kitchen. Here is the recipe. Make up a batch and see if it isn't your favorite divinity, too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trendy Fashion For Teens

Teen fashion is a completely new segment that has created a rage in the fashion industry. The 21st century teens have adopted extremely amazing fashion trends that are often seen on ramps and cream fashion areas. Teenagers have now become smarter with a stronger sense of fashion and personality. The choice of clothing has become funky and trendy with lively outfits and fashion accessories.

In the world of teen dresses there are ample of choices and options for the teenagers. Some of the basic trends in teen clothing are vintage blue jeans with a trendy top in shades of blue, yellow and white. Some teens prefer wearing jeans with strands of threads pulled out here and there. Jeans and denim are available in variety of styles and cut like the boot cut, straight fit, skinny fitting, stretch material, baggy, and capri. Other trendy color options in jeans are black, streaked, and bleached.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashionable Clothes for Teens

Teenagers these days can be described as finicky and fashion conscious. They follow different styles like preppy, punk, sophisticated or casual. The hunt for the perfect outfit is always on for these teens. You can usually see them spending all day in malls and running around looking for stylish clothes. Most often than not, they do not find clothes that can appease their taste because the choices can be very limited and they are far from being special. These teens crave for something that can make them look unique but sad to say purchasing clothes off-the-rack cannot give that to them. But by shopping online these teens will surely discover a haven of clothes that will give them a trendy look.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teen Fashion Design - Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

Part of a teen's style is about breaking away from the surrounding adults to find a unique and individual identity. It is also fun, plain and simple, to keep up with latest and greatest in teen fashion design. If you are a teen looking to update her look this season, we have the tips you need to hit the school campus or the mall in style.

Whether it is a totally mod pair of earrings or a funky belt, you can update any of the basics in your closet with a whole new look. This allows you to keep up on the latest teen fashion design without spending your entire allowance amount to do so. Other great accessories to watch out for include a new pair of shoes, a fabulous handbag or an all the rage necklace to wear over your favorite tee.

Wardrobe Building 101 What's your favorite color? When you begin to build a wardrobe for yourself, it is best to work it around a couple of basic colors that you love and that you look positively great in. From that base palette, you can build an entire wardrobe by adding a hot colored camisole or some wild beads. If you stick with basics like great-fitting blue jeans, solid colored t-shirts and a few sassy skirts, you will be able to mix and match in the latest teen fashion design. Don't forget to add a couple of patterned pieces for a bit of variety, like a pair of plaid capris or a pair of vertical striped pants that are the rage right now.

Once you have assembled a wardrobe that you love for the current season, take care of it by keeping the pieces clean, pressed and hung properly in your closet. The latest teen fashion design can be yours with these simple tips and a little bit of shopping savvy.